open postdoc position at KU Leuven

Dear researchers,

Professor Erik A. Toorman has a postdoc position available (12 to max. 18 months) to work on treatment of tidal flats in TELEMAC (The position can be filled in immediately).

This is in the framework of our Eulerian plastic litter transport model development for a Flemish project ( and an EU H2020 project (, where we develop a floating litter module (in analogy to bedload) for which beaching and shore pickup of litter needs to be modelled as well (in combination with the drying-wetting algorithm).

If you know a postdoc with good TELEMAC experience who might be interested, let her/him get in touch with me.

Best regards

Erik A. Toorman
Professor in theoretical and computational fluid and sediment mechanics, KU Leuven
erik.toorman [@]

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