News - Development and distribution

FUDA-MASCARET 3.3 released

The FUDA-MASCARET 3.3 release is now available on the download page. This includes the following changes:

  • New algorithm for the casiers
  • The casiers are now only compatible with the subcritical engine
  • Addition of the option 'Reduced momentum equation' for the unsteady subcritical engine
  • Addition of the option 'Lateral inflow for the momentum equation'
  • New zooming and panning functionalities for the network editor
  • Addition of section georeferencing management
  • Improved look & feel (OS-dependant)

This is the last version using the DAMOCLES .cas file, as future releases will use XML. This is also the last version compatible with 32-bit systems.

FUDA-MASCARET 3.4 released

The FUDA-MASCARET 3.4 release (part of TELEMAC-MASCARET v8.0) is now available on the download page. This includes the following changes:

  • No more limitation on the number of hydraulic laws (new XML steering file)
  • Improvements (corrections and new features) of the pre- and post-processing
  • Compatibility with 64-bit OS

TELEMAC v7p0r1 available

Maintenance release 1 of TELEMAC v7p0 is now available.

This intermediate release is available through our SVN:

For those using the automatic installer, the latest release will automatically be recognised and selected by default.

Thanks to all the contributors to this version and to all the users that provided very useful feedback. As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome on the forum.

Looking for mirrors - worldwide

The openTELEMAC-MASCARET team is looking for volunteer universities/institutes/organisations to host regional mirrors of the TELEMAC SVN repository and download area.

The system SVN repository is currently hosted in Europe. We have received feedback from users around the world regarding slow download times in other regions. We are therefore looking for volunteers in Oceania, Asia, Northern America, Southern America and Africa to host mirrors of the repository, in order to reduce the download time for users in these regions. Once installed, you do not have anything to do but keep a live internet connection as the mirrors will be automatically update based on the main repository ... and we will help you setting it up.

This is a great opportunity to get further involved in the openTELEMAC-MASCARET system and gain greater insight into the latest developments. You will also contribute to the distribution of open-source software and maybe take a larger role in its developments.

Please pass these details to your management and IT departments - if your organisation is interested, please contact us via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FUDAA-MASCARET 3.5 released

The new release of Fudaa-Mascaret (3.5) is now available for download.

This version includes the following improvements:

  • New Newton algorithm for automatic calibration by automatic differentiation
  • Improved pre-processing of profiles (3D visualisation)
  • New post-processing of tracers concentration by colour-coding

The open TELEMAC-MASCARET template for Joomla!2.5, the HTML 4 version.