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Category: Archive
Number of Subcategories: 10
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This category contains old versions of the system. These are left available for specific needs (such as running old models), but we strongly advise to use the latest version for new studies.

v7p2 Files: 1

Archive folder for release v7p2 (released in 12/2016)

v7p1 Files: 1

Archive folder for release v7p1 (released in 01/2016)

v7p0 Files: 12

Archive folder for release v7p0 (released in fall 2014)

v6p3 Files: 18

Archive folder for release v6p3 (released in 09/2013)

v6p2 Files: 13
Archive folder for release v6p2 (released in 08/2012)
v6p1 Files: 20
v6p0 Files: 17
v5p9 Files: 8
v5p8 Files: 4
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Automatic installation: opentelemac-windows Version:2 latest versions

Automatic installer for the Windows platform (64-bit).

The executable will automatically:

  • Install Python 2.7;
  • Install Python libraries (numpy, scipy, matplotlib);
  • Install a SubVersion client;
  • Install a FORTRAN compiler (gfortran);
  • Configure all the paths required, and create user configuration file;
  • Download the openTELEMAC code from the repository (two latest versions);
  • Compile the system.

By default, all components are selected unless the installer detects the component (or an equivalent) is already present.

License Telemac Licence Date 2013-08-29 10:42:59 System  Windows Filesize 226.92 MB Download 24981

The open TELEMAC-MASCARET template for Joomla!2.5, the HTML 4 version.