The new Telemac 6.1 version, including Telemac-3D, is available

Among many new interesting features, here is a list of novelties in version 6.1:

  • Internal coupling between Telemac-2D or 3D and Tomawac
  • Bed roughness prediction by Sisyphe for Telemac-2D
  • A tidal model around France for boundary conditions in Telemac-2D
  • Updated Finite Volume options in Telemac-2D
  • Thompson boundary conditions now work in parallel in Telemac-2D
  • New tidal flats version of advection schemes, now independent of numbering (for Sisyphe, Telemac-2D and 3D)





Simulation of the Malpasset dam break flood wave in 1959, with a 26,000 elements mesh


The software suite is thus composed of:

  • Telemac-2D (Shallow Water or Saint-Venant equations, Boussinesq equations)
  • Telemac-3D (non hydrostatic Navier-Stokes equations)
  • Sisyphe (sediment transport)
  • Tomawac (wave climate)
  • Artemis (linear waves, agitation in harbours)

along with user interfaces provided by partners, such as Fudaa_Prepro (CETMEF) and Blue-Kenue (NRC-Canadian Hydraulic Centre). Other pre- and post-processors like Rubens and Matisse (post-treatment and mesh generation) may also be provided on specific platforms but are no longer maintained, they are given as such.



Application of Telemac-3D: Salinity in the Berre lagoon, with the fresh water outfall (in blue) from the Saint-Chamas power plant.

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