Special session on TELEMAC at HIC2014

A special session on TELEMAC is going to be held at the 2014 Hydroinformatics International Conference in New York. This is intended to HIC2014 attendees and aims mainly to give a short introduction to the hydraulic and hydrologic community about the capabilities of TELEMAC-MASCARET solvers to handle main features of real-life hydraulic problems.

We will start with a general presentation of each component forming the suite and its specific use. Then, we briefly demonstrate basic features needed to steer Telemac-2D and Telemac-3D. The last part of this session will be dedicated to advanced modeling aspects. The lectures will be based on some instructive practical examples. People who are interested to share practical maneuvers can bring their laptops on which the latest version of the code must be installed.

Hereafter, we give a non exhaustive list of the content of the short course:

  • Theoretical presentation of the used equations (shallow water and NS) and their mathematical properties.
  • Presentation of main numerical features (Finite Elements and Finite Volumes Methods)
  • Steering the code Telemac-2D on simple cases, this will permit to handle:
    • Input/output files and data
    • Unstructured meshes and their properties
    • Boundary conditions
    • Numerical options
    • Options of a code run
    • Post-processing of results
  • Advanced features:
  • Programming user subroutines
  • Use of parallel computation
  • Specific advanced applications

Lecturer: Riadh Ata Ing. Ph.D

Here is the link to the special sessions of the conference.

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